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GOES-M on th launch pad.


 First Released SXI Image
First SXI Image.>

This X-ray image of the Sun was taken by the SXI instrument oboard GOES-12 on September 7, 2001 at 21:04:25 Universal Time.

Image Annotation:

  • Scale: The color scale along the left side of this image is detected photons/second/pixel.
  • GOES-12: The satellite platform for SXI.
  • Level-1: Indicates that this is a processed image.
  • 871: Indicates which suite of image exposure setting was used.
  • OPEN: Indicates that no filter was in place when the image was taken.
  • 1.000s: Is the exposure time in seconds.
  • 585V: Is a gain level in volts, this is set to optimize image quality.