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  Current Time:   2018-12-19 03:22:39 UTC    2018-12-18 20:22:39 MST  


  • All times are Universal Time unless labeled otherwise.
  • The Change Satellite button must be pressed in order to actually change the satellite used in the search..
  • The Begin Search button must be pressed in order to execute a search.
  • The End Date and Start Date of the search are user selectable. End data is listed first, consistent with the browse display which always shows the most recent data in the top-left cell.
  • The Product Type indicates which products will be searched for.
  • The Image Type indicates what solar phenomenon has been targeted by the exposure parameters.
  • The Optical Filter indicates the filter in place when the image was made
  • The Exposure Range indicates a range in seconds that will encompass exposure times used to make the images.
  • The MCP Gain Range -- GOES-12 uses an adjustable micro channel plate voltage as an image creation parameter.
  • A Summary of Search Results will display the time distribution of the images that satisfied the search.
  • To download data, enter your email address, and select Deliver Data. Your request will be placed in a queue and you will be informed about the size of the queue, and the estimated wait time.


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