FITS Keywords for SXI M Level 1 Image products
2001-05-03 SMH
FITS Primary Header
FITS Keyword FITS Value Format Pass-through Contents Range Units Notes
SIMPLE logical T, indicating FITS conformance T
BITPIX integer Type indicator for Data Array -32
NAXIS integer Number of axes in Data Array 2
NAXIS1 integer Length of Data Array Axis 1 512 pixels
NAXIS2 integer Length of Data Array Axis 2 512 pixels
EXTEND logical Indicates possibility of extension HDUs T
BLANK string Undefined Data Array Value 'NaN     '
DATE string Date/time FITS file written 1
FILENAME string FITS file name, SXI convention 2
CRPIX1 real Reference column coordinate, pixel# 256.5 pixels
CRPIX2 real Reference row coordinate, pixel# 256.5 pixels
CRVAL1 real Reference column coordinate, arcsec 0 arcsec
CRVAL2 real Reference row coordinate, arcsec 0 arcsec
CDELT1 real Pixel width, arcsec 5 arcsec
CDELT2 real Pixel height, arcsec 5 arcsec
CTYPE1 string Definition of column data units 'ARCSEC  '
CTYPE2 string Definition of row data units 'ARCSEC  '
CROTA real Image rotation angle, degrees CCW [0,360] degrees
XCEN real Center of Image relative to Center of Sun, N-S [-5400,5400] arcsec
YCEN real Center of Image relative to Center of Sun, E-W [-5400,5400] arcsec
BZERO real Intercept for conversion from DN to ph photons
BSCALE real Sllope for conversion from DN to ph photons/DN
DATE_OBS string Yes Earth-adjusted time of observation, UT 1
DATE-OBS string Yes Time of observation at S/C, UT 1
TELESCOP real Yes Spacecraft identification 'GOES-12 '
INSTRUME string Yes Instrument identification 'SXI-0   '
IMG_CODE string Image intent 'FL','AR','CS','CH','BG' etc.
VERINGST string Yes Level 0 ingest version 'nnn.nnn'
VERLEVL0 string Yes Level 0 processing version 'nnn.nnn'
LEVEL0ID string Filename of input Level 0 image file
SHRTDARK string Filename of short dark frame used
LONGDARK string Filename of short dark frame used
VERLEVL1 string Level 1 processing version 1
WAVELNTH string Yes Filter mnemonic
EXPTIME real Yes Actual Image integration time (sec) [0.0,65.536] seconds
MCP1K_V real Yes Actual MCP 1kV voltage [0,2125] volts 3
MCP5K_V real Yes Actual MCP 5kV (phosphor) voltage [0,10625] volts 3
RSLT_SFF string Yes Packed resultant SFF
IMAG_SFF string Yes Packed image SFF
GLBL_SFF string Yes Packed global SFF
LIN_LOG string Yes Linear/Logarithmic Output 'LIN     '.'LOG   '
LIN_DSBL logical Yes Disable Line Advance T,F
SAD_DSBL logical Yes Disable SADA Synchronization T,F
EXP_INDX integer Yes Exposure setting index 314
INT_TIME real Yes Integration time setting, s [0.0,65.535] seconds
SADA_OFF real Yes SADA offset time setting, s [0.0,8.191] seconds
MCP_GAIN real Yes MCP Gain setting, volts [0,2500] volts
MCP_PHOS real Yes MCP Phosphor setting, volts [0,12500] volts
MCP_TMP real Yes Ch 5, MCP Temperature Deg. C. [-273,577] Deg. C
CCD_TMP real Yes Ch 6, CCD Assembly Temperature Deg. C. [-273,577] Deg. C
IMG_WDI real Image summed whole-disk intensity TBD
IMG_MIN real Image minimum intensity (units TBD) TBD
IMG_MAX real Image maximum intensity (units TBD) TBD
IMG_MED real Image median  intensity (units TBD) TBD
IMG_MEAN real Image mean    intensity (units TBD) TBD
IMG_SDEV real Image std dev intensity (units TBD) TBD
MISS_PIX integer Level-0 missing pixel count [0,???] pixels
MISS_LIN integer Level-0 missing line count 0 lines
FIX_PIX integer Count of missing pixels that were filled in 0 pixels
FIX_LIN integer Count of missing lines that were filled in 0 lines
MED_PIX integer Count of median filter corrected pixels 0 pixels
MED_THRS real Threshold for meding filter correction 0 TBD
SAT_PIX integer Level-0 saturated pixel count 0 pixels
FITS Primary Data Array - Pixel Data Array - absent if NAXIS = 0 above
pixels 32 bit IEEE Float Pixels with parity errors (or missing) are set to NaN. TBD
Note 1 The string has the form yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss.sss
ISO 8601 Date/Time Strings The T between the date and the time is ugly, but part of the standard.
The seconds field provides millisecond precision.
Smoothed UTC is always used. Z is not appended to the string.
Note 2 The string has the form prdctn_yyyymmdd_hhmmss_AA_12, where
Sxi Product File Names prdctn is the 3-6 character product name: SXI, MCPSI, UVBI, or XPDIAG
The yyyymmdd_hhmmss field is derived from the DATE_OBS value.
The two letters of the AA field are codes for the processing level and software version.
Note 3 Value undefined if there was no Tsync packet.